Monday, 11 January 2010

The LRT Situation

Have you ever experience when you are in a LRT, and you are in a sitting state. The seat is already full. (Seems like you lucky to have it) Then, there comes a woman, that is totally old. She walks in and standing in the middle between the two opposite seats.. Whatcha gonna do?

Well, it's not my intention to 'hebohkan' my kindness, but I'm actually want to say something. That situation happened to me last Sunday, 3 January. On my way to bukit Jalil. A lady (as estimated. KL, the girl is hijabless) The lady just sit there quietly and act like nothing's wrong.. The old woman just 10 inch from her.. I kinda hate that kind of attitute.. So, I stand up and offer the old my seat. It's not about my act I want to share, but that lady's behaviour. How can she just can seat there while watching old woman's hard feeling?

I mean, doesn't she ever imagine what would it be like if she IS that old woman?? Oh god, what happen to muslim today??

Looks like what Tun Dr. Mahathir always say is right.. In Malaysia, the infrastructure is first class. But the Malaysian's mentality? It's third class...

I always wanted a first-classed mentality environment..
The simplest one!
No littering!
Other? Stand on the left side if we're not rushing while standing on an escalator!
Want more?? Think it yourself!

(Hope that everyone that read this, have a first-classed mental, please)


  1. Have u ever been to London?


    U will be surprised.

  2. ye ka??

    so.. what's so suprised about london then??


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