Friday, 1 January 2010

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It's not about my process of waking up this morning that I want to talk about.. Well, as an introduction, today is the day when I'm gonna attend for my car and motorcycle license process..

Well, my dad send me to the Rimbun Restaurant for my breakfast. Then he leaves me because he got job to do, as he is the Selangor Agrobank State Director.. So, I take my orders and sit quietly and peacefully while reading my 2008 diary.I give my order to nice lady, which are 'Roti Canai' and 'Teh Tarik'. As I was waiting for my order, a pink-attired lady come into the restaurant, for her breakfast surely. But, it's not her prettiness that caught my attention, but her image. Alhamdulillah, she wears the hijab (tudung) to cover her aurat. But, wearing a fit shirt with tight jeans? Nauzubillah. I feel a little sympathy to her and hope that Allah will give her some rahmat and hidayah.

I read my diary, and my teh tarik is already on my table. But where is my roti canai? I can see the man that sit opposite to me, already enjoy his roti canai. The truth is, I was far earlier than him enter this restaurant. I really hate this kind of situation. People always looked down on kids and teenager. They think that only adults should have the main attention. Huh! Hate it!

After I 'enjoyed' my late coming and rock-typed roti canai, I pay RM2 and rushed to UshaWira Institut Memandu. When I arrived while having short breath, WHAT? Does not open yet? Really wasted my time by running just now. Well, after waiting for a long time and finish my paper at the office, I take the trip to Segambut for my KPP. Can you imagine? 3 adults sitting together at the back seat of a Kancil. Really feel like sardine.

At Segambut, after I register my name for the KPP, I climb the stairs to the room prepared. KPP stands for Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu or Drivers Education Curriculum.
(Haha, something to share with you guys. Just before, I entered the wrong room. Thank goodness I realized it earlier. So, what do you think I’ll do? Well, leave the room without any hesitation)

I seat on a sea-blue plastic chair at 9.30 a.m. So I still have 30 minutes before start. So, as usual, I make some observation. I like to observe people. It’s kind of a hobby I guess? I like to observe their habits, attire, lifestyle etc. From here I can see many type of people. Some of them (Muslimat) are not covering their aurat. What, you don’t know about Islam? You think that your chest is whiter than Hi Goat milk? Your hair is smoother than cotton? Don’t you know, Allah hate that? Devil love you, baby! I really hope that someday Allah will give them taufik and hidayah. For those that covered their aurat, at least don’t make Islam look bad by wearing improper shirt and tight jeans, combine with your hijab. I really can’t stand it. There are not even a single woman that cover their aurat properly.

Well, majority of this class, are Chinese. Many amoi too. They are all make me feel sad. Some of them come with their boyfriends. Wearing different kind of clothes, holding hand together. Allah! When Islam gonna change these all? The jahiliah age is return! Subhanallah. Where is the amir of the ummah?

I feel really sad because many leaders does not played their role in building the Islam back. They did not do anything about this. I wonder, is it really that Malaysia is an Islam country? Wallahu Alam.
Please. Bring Islam back! Bring Islam back!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The talk start. I’m a little bit proud because the talk is in Bahasa Melayu, although that there many race here. But, attention, I used English in this blog because I want to improve my English.
When the talk is started, there are so many thing that keep playing in my mind. It’s not about the boring talk that keep you yawning and make your eyes heavy and watery even keep dreaming of a king sized dreamland bed with warm cotton sheet. But, it’s about another of my observation.

During this talk, I can see many type of people. For example, there are one amoi at my 4 o’clock and one at 8 o’clock, have already put their head on the table and zzz… It’s kind of funny to me. Such a powerful talk by the JPJ (laugh). But, what attract me the most is the amoi at my 4 o’clock. Not because that she is pretty. But, she is sitting next to her boyfriend. She sleeps on his boyfriend lap while his boyfriend plays PSP. What kind of life is that? I really hope that Allah will help me and prevent me from being like that. (May Allah gives them light)

You know, couple can be HARAM in Islam. If you are a muslim, think it carefully with all your iman, knowledge and thought. I didn’t say that coupling is haram. But, it can be haram. Depends on you how to judge it.

As a conclusion, many kind of people in this world need in their life including me. Wearing tight clothes, not covering aurat, do not mean that they are bad people and will be bad forever. Even that there is a story where a prostitute, is accepted into the heaven because she gives a thirsty dog some water.

By the way, I really hope that Islam will change everything that happen in the world today. I’m really thankful and grateful to Allah for allowing me participate in the SEIC and change my way of view towards people around me.

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