Tuesday, 29 December 2009

SEIC? Not a Poor-Based Type..

Ah.. It's been a long time since that I wrote on my blog.. I'm so lazy to make any typing for my ACER Laptop.. But, clearly, it's a little weird that I can wrote soooo many words when I was chatting with my friends..

Weird huh..

Well, I'm just return from Rawang..
You want to know what I've been doing in there?

Have you ever heard about Pure Base Training Center?
It's kind of Motivation Center, based on Islamic-styled motivation..
But the camp that I joined, is HLS. Stand for Halaqah Lepas Sekolah.
SEIC, Smart Education Induction Camp..

At first when I'm arrived (I was a little bit late, because I went to MRSM Lenggong for my 8As little sister, alhamdulillah..), I was in group 2, the Al-Fateh..

Oh man! This is a very Islamic camp. Even there is none girl joining this camp. To keep our iman altogether.. To me, I named this camp, Hijaz Camp.. (Idea by Wan Ahmad Badiuzzaman)

The boys is came from a very good profile in Islam.. I felt a bit down, and humble to them as I'm not such a 'warak' boy, like them..

In this 4 days 3 night camp, I was having a brainwash. I'd clear my mind, put new knowledge. I felt really peaceful during this camp.. I admit that during this camp, I was totally felt like I'm gonna run away because I thought that it's not suitable for me.. So, after I've been thinking for a while..

My dad has pay RM60.. I'm already here.. Why don't I just enjoy this camp to the maximum point?? Haha..

My facilitator, Akhi Faqih.
My Al-Fateh members.. Hannan (Leader), Faiz, Safwan, Hafizi, Hakimi.. (Miss them)

After the ending ceremony of the camp, I was randomly chosen to be interviewed by the Pure Base Training Center.. I can still recall my last word during the interview..

"Pure Best, your base is not poor"


  1. kita nyer mp3 same..huhu..weyh thanx follow..

  2. same2.. eleh.. at least, mp3 ko x ilang.. mp3 aku ilang. sedih tol..


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